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Where autism meets potenial.

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Your soap purchase means more than just clean hands.


Trevor Dealy is a sweet-natured,

young man who is now in the artisanal soap business. Trevor is developmentally much younger than his years, is autistic, and suffers from a range of medical conditions. It is fair to say that Trevor has his share of lemons in life, but instead of lemonade, he is making beautifully crafted small-batch soaps. 

Trev's Trades serves as a work transition program for Trevor, giving him a place to develop skills and contribute to a real-world product. He is instrumental in brainstorming ideas for soap, researching recipes, and planning out the steps necessary to make an actual product: reading, researching, measuring, managing a project timeline, working with molds and tools, assembling and packaging orders, and sales. Trevor gets to see how a business runs and plays an integral part in all stages of operation.

Follow along with Trevor on IG @trevstrades

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